Casa Course Eligibility


Take a course or teach a course for a Casa Community Program or Course! 

Training & Education
Single Parents
Senior Citizens
Disabled Persons
Gourmet Breakfast
Spa Package
Private Pool

Neighborhood Program.

As part of Casa of DREAMS CDC's longterm investment in our local community here in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex & our Neighborhood Association Program participants, we take extra steps to posture each member for sustainable success. 


We are able to accomplish success together by first providing new homeowners a series of workshops focused on home & neighborhood safety & security; the basics of home & lot maintenance; &  the benefits of taking pride in our homes & neighborhoods through building a trusted neighborhood community and starting with bond building activities such as our community gardens initiative. 

Senior DREAMS Program. 

We, at Casa of DREAMS, know the importance of honoring & serving the older generation---the generation that paved the way for the generations that have followed.  We have a made a personal commitment to ensure that we serve & honor the elderly in our community by improving their quality of life by offering services that foster a life that is as independent, safe, healthy and dignified as possible. 

Christmas Program. 

Each year Casa of DREAMS CDC partners with local organizations and volunteers to provide essential items and ensure fresh & nutritious food is available & accessible to senior citizens & single parents.